Taste of Abu Dhabi

​I was amongst 4 other celebrity chefs brought to Abu Dhabi to showcase my cookery skills at the Chefs Theatre and the Al Ain and Ikea Cookery School. It was amazing to meet so many foodies in the region and to teach new dishes to a on

Cuisinart New Product Line

​I had a great time training up new clients on a new range of cuisinart products. I’ve always enjoyed working with cuisnart as the products are so easy to use and make recipe writing so enjoyable. The Professional Steamer was introduced so I on

London Halal Food Festival

​I had the pleasure of hosting the cookery theatre all weekend at the halal food festival. It was brimming with people in fact more people than I or the organiser was expecting so I am sure it will be held somewhere else next time! Held in on

Mini Me

​June saw the arrival of my baby girl. It was the best day of my life and all the cheesy lines really are true. My world changed forever. A few weeks after she was born she started to come to Lakaz Maman with me and I realised that because I on

Hyde End Food Festival

​I absolutely love doing food festivals and this one was particularly memorable as I was 37 weeks pregnant and even though everyone was telling me to slow down I couldn’t say no to this festival as it was set in Hyde End and was a on

Saints Foundation Gala Dinner at Saints Football Club

​I created a menu for the Saints Together Charity Gala Dinner alongside the Saints Football Club and Halo Catering, I created a unique Mauritian Menu which was enjoyed by many footballers and national celebrities as well as many local on

Taste Kuwait

​It’s been a while since I wrote a blog and it’s mainly because I have been so busy with running a restaurant and having a baby! So I wanted to get back to some regular posts and have been meaning to write a quick piece about an amazing on

Hilton Park Lane and Shelinacooks

​I worked alongside the Trader Vics in Park Lane, Hilton for a Mauritian themed month of delicious food. I worked alongside Head Chef Shiran and created a bespoke Mauritian menu that guests could enjoy over the month of February. It was a on

Saints Football Club / Saints Foundation Cooking Class

​In January I had a brilliant time teaching winners of the auction prize from my Mary’s Meal fundraiser in collaboration with Saints Foundation and the Saints Football Club. I got to teach the winners some fantastic Mauritian dishes and we on

My Quick Street Food Guide Mauritius

I must make a quick admission that this is by no means an exhaustive list but is a quick fire guide to all the dishes that you must try when you are on the island. On top of this the list there are the curries, the boulette soup, the dim sum, on

Charity Champion for Southampton Children’s Hospital Charity

​I recently took on the role as the first Charity Champion for Southampton Children’s Hospital Charity in order to help fundraise for vital paediatric services in Southampton and beyond.

The first major appeal falling under on

December 2015 - Christmas in Mauritius!

In December I had the pleasure of heading back to the island of Mauritius to launch the Pop Up of my Southampton based Mauritian Street Kitchen - Lakaz Maman (which literally means Mum’s House in Creole, the language spoken on the island). It was on

Cuisinart & Lakeland Tour September 2015

​Throughout September I spent the month touring the UK visiting a number of Lakeland offices across the country from Perth, to Windermere and to Bristol. We had such a brilliant time teaching staff all about the new Cuisinart products coming on

BBC Dish Up Campaign

​Back in July I did some filming with BBC for a campaign called “Dish up” helping people who have trouble cooking from scratch. As part of the campaign I filmed some videos with Joe Swash as he loves cooking fish fingers with his son but doesn’ on

Homemade By You - Sainsbury’s & Huffington Post

I did some filming in June for Sainsbury’s new online venture called Homemade By You.  We filmed in a lovely house in tooting and shot 8 delicious and interesting recipes such as a kale and chipotle frittata with a spicy red onion relish on

Reader Event at Miele

​Sainsbury’s invited me up to the head office of Miele in Oxfordshire to run a cookery demonstration for 120 Sainsbury’s readers. It was an early start so I was on the train at 5am and when I got to the head office I was greeted by warm smiles on

Bertinet Cookery School in Bath

​Earlier this year Richard Bertinet invited me along to his cookery school to run my own cookery class. I decided to focus on recipes from my second book the Sunshine Diet as it has some really unique dishes which are inspired by my trips on

Feasts on the Street with Amoy and Huffington Post

​Back in January I did some filming for Huffington Post on a project for Amoy called ‘Feasts on the Streets’. It was a street food competition in a MasterChef style where famous bloggers had the chance to compete in a foodie style challenge on

Comic Relief Dinner for Sainsburys

​In March I was asked by Sainsburys if I would be interested in supporting their Comic Relief dinner in the hope of raising money for this invaluable charity. Of course I jumped at the chance as I really like supporting charities wherever I on

ITV’s Lorraine ‘A Taste of Mauritius’ January 2015

​In January I had the opportunity to go out to Mauritius to film for ITV’s Lorraine. We filmed 8 mini episodes that got aired in March and throughout the summer this year. It was brilliant filming as I learned so much but the hardest part of it, on