ITV’s Lorraine ‘A Taste of Mauritius’ January 2015

‚ÄčIn January I had the opportunity to go out to Mauritius to film for ITV’s Lorraine. We filmed 8 mini episodes that got aired in March and throughout the summer this year. It was brilliant filming as I learned so much but the hardest part of it, was that we filmed it during a cyclone!  When I arrived on the island the weather was so bad and on the first day of filming the weather report declared it officially a cyclone! 

Even with the weather not on our side, whenever the sun came out we managed to carry on filming and eventually ended up with 8 lovely videos and I even got my aunty and my mum in some of the videos!


We stayed at the Four Seasons in Mauritius and had amazing support from the staff and kitchen team there who were just excellent.