Bertinet Cookery School in Bath

​Earlier this year Richard Bertinet invited me along to his cookery school to run my own cookery class. I decided to focus on recipes from my second book the Sunshine Diet as it has some really unique dishes which are inspired by my trips around the world and people I’ve met who have inspired me. The recipes are varied and essentially helps you to think about food differently using spices, flavours, and colourful food that will help you to make healthier food choices without compromising at all on taste. At the end of the day food is pleasure and it should never ever be a chore! It was a full on day for the students and we ended up cooking 6 dishes in 4 hours! A raw chocolate and cinnamon torte, salt baked chicken with turmeric and coriander, fresh Sriracha, Herby brown rice pilaff and middle eastern carrot and orange salad flavoured with orange blossom and herbs. Delicious! All the students had a lovely day and at the end we all sit down and scoff all the delicious food cooked. These days are some of my favourite teaching people how to cook, I just love it!