Reader Event at Miele

​Sainsbury’s invited me up to the head office of Miele in Oxfordshire to run a cookery demonstration for 120 Sainsbury’s readers. It was an early start so I was on the train at 5am and when I got to the head office I was greeted by warm smiles all around and a large cup of coffee. I went straight into gettting everything ready and before I know it the demo had began! I ran 2 demo’s hosting 60 readers each time, I decided to give myself the BIGGEST task of cooking 6 dishes in 1.15hrs! I decided on these specific recipes as I wanted the audience to see how easy recipes from the Sunshine Diet were and also I wanted to design it in such a way that everyone could go home and prepare this meal for a big gathering with family and friends. The dish the audience loved the most was my Semolina Cake with Orange and Cardamom and my sweet breakfast cous cous. It was such a lovely day meeting everyone and we finished the day with a book signing and photo opportunity for everyone, so many people remembered me from MasterChef so felt they really knew me which was so sweet. Anyway - I did manage to prepare 6 dishes with 5 minutes to spare - this was actually my all time cookery demonstration record for amount of dishes cooked in time!!