Taste Kuwait

‚ÄčIt’s been a while since I wrote a blog and it’s mainly because I have been so busy with running a restaurant and having a baby! So I wanted to get back to some regular posts and have been meaning to write a quick piece about an amazing experience I was lucky enough to go on in March and that was when I was invited to attend the Taste Kuwait back in March this year. I was actually in the last week of being able to fly at 28 weeks pregnant so I was excited and nervous. As soon as we arrived we were looked after by the organise Michelle - an incredible woman who set the festival up all on her own, and her and her husband treated us to a lovely meal the evening we arrived - the name of the restaurant was called Dar Hamad - I would highly recommend the food was delicious as was the decor and ambience. Anyway, on first impressions, Kuwait is lovely, the people were so friendly and I felt really comfortable straight away. The wonderful Radisson Blu Kuwait put us up in a lovely room and we had great food throughout the whole stay (including lots of amazing pastry which satisfied my baby sweet craving!). 

Taste Kuwait is in it’s 3rd year and I was joined by some amazing chefs such as Jenny Morris from South Africa and Sofia Rangell from Mexico as well as many other chefs. It was a 3 day festival and showcased the best of Kuwaiti cuisine - mostly international, along with the Chef Stage, Interviews and Book Signings, and the best bit was the Cookery School where local people could sign up to cook alongside a chef or their choice and I got to meet so many lovely people - I even met Mauritians including my cousin who has been placed in Kuwait for work for 2 years. I loved every part of the show and the biggest surprise was having Tobias Ellwood (MP for Bournemouth and Minister of the Middle East) join me on stage on my first cooking demonstration (it so happened that this particular week had all the ministers who operate in the middle east meet in Kuwait) so I met so many government officials! 

I’ve put together a short vlog documenting the trip so I hope you enjoy it! 

For anyone interested in learning more about the festival contact Michelle via Taste Kuwait - www.q8foodfestival.com