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La Mousse Mauricien 50th Anniversary Special Recipe

​In honour of our beautiful island celebrating its 50th year of Indepence I made these pretty la mousse in the colours of our flag.  
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Gato Carre Rouge (Gato Francis)

​This is seen across pastry vendors across the country - a bring red cube covered in coconut and topped with a dollop of whipped cream. It must be seen as the Mauritian Lamington as it is so similar to the Australian version which is usually coated in chocolate. It has a distinct texture which is created once the cake has been soaked and covered in coconut. Mauritians love their afternoon tea and I’ve made this recipe as simple as possible to achieve. 

Poudine Vermicelle

​This used to be my after school snack that mum used to make for us before being sent to our rooms to do our homework! In Mauritius this is eaten for breakfast or as an afternoon treat with a hot cup of vanilla tea. I’ve made this recipe dairy free by taking out the butter and milk traditionally used and added more flavours and nuts that I think make this taste even more special. 
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Mauritian Chicken Livers with Onion and Spice

​This classic dish is typically served as a snack with crusty baguette served with pickled chilli (piment confit) on the side. It’s iron rich flavour paired with gentle warm spices and onions is so easy to prepare with just a few simple ingredients. 
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Vindaye Tuna

A mouth watering delicacy of Mauritius. Typically made in advance and left to allow the flavours to work together, this is usually served with a big crusty baguette or you can eat it with Roti or Puri. Whatever you decide to eat it with you’ll always be happy to know your fridge has this for any rainy day fridge raid! 
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Mauritian Coconut Flan

​A creamy and decadent flan filed with the tropical scent of coconut topped with a molasses caramel.  This flan is a traditional dessert in Mauritius usually served after a meal but the coconut twist adds an extra dimension to a delicious dessert option. 
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Gateaux Patate

​Usually prepared at special occasions and prayers in Mauritius.  Made with sweet potato, coconut and lots of sugar! A little taste of paradise! 

Napolitaine (Extract from Sunshine on a Plate)

​These are the quintessential mauritian biscuit a mark left from our colonial history. The most buttery and short shortbread sandwiched together with perfect strawberry jam covered entirely with pink icing.  Perfect for afternoon tea. 

Tilapia & Aubergine Coconut Curry

​As featured in waitrose:  Mauritius owes it’s culinary traditions to history of passing trade including Arabs, Dutch, Portuguese, French and Indian. The island tempered native Indian curries making them milder and lighter in flavour.  This dish is very evocative for me with the caramel scent of aubergine frying, clanking of pots and pans, the fragrance of mums kitchen.  
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Curried Prawns with Cucumber Relish

​I just love this combination of fiery prawns with a soothing cucumber relish, so easy to put together and perfect for entertaining friends in the summer months. As featured in Sainsbury’s magazine. 
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Monkfish Tails with Spicy Coconut & Tomato Dressing

Simple and delicious monkfish tails perfect for an evening party to impress. The coconut chutney is just delicious and works perfectly with the monkfish. Simple to prepare but really does have the wow factor. As featured in Sainsburys Magazine Serves 4
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Cari Mutton (Mauritian Mutton Curry)

​Mutton is a wonderfully rich meat that can handle lots of chilli and spice so this is the perfect for it. This is the dish that I cooked in the final of MasterChef and I still can’t believe that one of my family’s classic curries would be enough to secure me the title! It tastes even better the next day as all the spices harmonise and the flavours go deep into the meat.  Extract from my first cook book ‘Sunshine on a Plate’ 
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Chilli Stuffed Sardines

​I was brought up eating quite a bit of tinned fish, mainly because fresh fish was so expensive when I was a child. Because of this, I’m partial to tinned sardines and pilchards. I know it sounds a bit retro but you get an intense flavour from tinned sardines, which works perfectly with the piquancy of the chilli. You could make a vegetarian version of this dish using a mix of beans instead of the sardines.  Extracted from ‘Sunshine on a Plate’
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Banana Lattice

​This is a great way to use up those bananas that are turning black in the fruit bowl. It’s an easy dessert that uses ready made pastry to turn ageing fruit into something very delicious. Recipe extracted from my first book ‘Sunshine on a Plate’

Chicken and Prawn Magic Bowl

The ‘magic bowl’ a typical Chinese Mauritian dish (Sino-Mauritian) which gets me every time.  As featured on The Huffington Post
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Egg Rougaille

Rougaille is a classic Creole sauce which gives its name to many Mauritian dishes; it looks like a simple tomato sauce but is so much more. It has a huge depth of flavour thanks to the European herbs parsley and thyme, the heat provided by the chilli and the Indian flavourings of ginger, coriander and garlic. 
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Chai Tiramisu with Vanilla & Pistachio

This dessert is perfect for celebrations and for special occasions. 

White Chocolate & Cardamom Cookies

This is a Mauritian inspired recipe. These cookies are deliciously sweet as they use Billington’s sugar.

Saffron and Cumin Rice

This a lovely accompaniment to the ‘King Prawn Rougaille’. A subtly spiced and warming rice dish.
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Chicken and Vermicelli Bhaja

These cute little bhajis are perfect for parties and use rice noodles and chicken as a good alternative to onion.
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Mauritian Red Lentil Soup

This is the ultimate comfort food! Perfect for rainy days…You can cook up big batches of these and keep in the fridge so you can pick on it during the week.
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King Prawn Rougaille (Spicy Creole Sauce)

This is a typical ‘Mauritian Creole’ sauce using plum tomatoes, garlic, thyme and chilli, completely compliments the delicate flavours of the prawns.
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Chilli Cakes

These deliciously spicy gateau piment are best served hot and are perfect with a crisp beer like Pheonix. If you can’t get hold of this beer then it would work equally well with something like Asahi. Bon Appetit!
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