About me

It’s true what they say - ‘winning MasterChef can change your life’.

I don’t think that saying could sum it up any better. Since winning the show in 2012 I’ve been fortunate enough to get involved with so many food related projects, it’s the first question that I get asked and thought I’d just show you the type of activities I’ve been involved in and the type of opportunities that you are exposed to after winning a show like MasterChef.

The Sunshine Diet

My second ‘The Sunshine Diet’ released this January, is a book packed full of inspiration to help you lose weight and feel great, inspired by my own journey where I lost 22 kilos I wanted to show you the dishes that inspire me to feel full, happy and don’t make me feel like I’m on a diet!

Sunshine on a Plate

My first book ‘Sunshine on a Plate’ was published by Ebury Press on 20th June 2013; Inspired by the land of my heritage Mauritius, this book takes you on a culinary journey through the island’s classic dishes all with a Shelina twist!

Private Dining

Having won MasterChef I’ve been given the opportunity to cater for a number of people in many varying settings, at their home, in a hired location or even as intimate as in their kitchen. Private dining has no limits and is a great opportunity to really get to know people through cooking. I’ve really enjoyed private dining events as you can design bespoke nights to suit the needs of your client. For more information about this please contact me directly for pricing and packages

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The Sunshine Diet is packed full of exotic recipes that are simple to create and are packed full of flavour and fragrance.

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“We were extremely impressed with Shelina's forethought, preparation and fantastic menu. You'd never have known it was the first time she'd run a pass, or indeed the first time she'd held her own pop-up! Service was perfectly smooth, and when she entered the dining room at the end of the meal it was to thunderous and well-deserved applause. Tickets for her event sold out within half an hour of being put online, and we've rarely seen so many clean plates. We couldn't recommend Shelina highly enough.” Osh Rogers - The Thatched
“Its a pleasure to of been asked to write on your website. The food we had that night from the saffron rice to the trio of desserts were just simply breathtaking.

I honestly thought it would be extremely difficult and time consuming to contact you but was so surprised how easy and direct it was. Most people would think contacting you "would be a waste of time" or "she's too busy" but I want to let everyone know it was so simple. In terms of timing keeping and replying to responses Shelina is spot on.

We had a choice of various menus and we could also customise these to suit us.” Vijay Backory - Private Diner