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The Sunshine Diet

After the success of her first book ‘Sunshine On A Plate’ released in June 2013, Shelina’s second book is inspired by her own personal journey to health and wellness through cooking the food she loves most. The Sunshine Diet is packed full of exotic recipes that are simple to create and are packed full of flavour and fragrance. Designed to get you fired up about losing weight and feeling and looking amazing. Shelina’s recipes celebrate the freshest of ingredients, chillies, herbs, spices and designed in such a way to offer you food that has an assault of the senses and offers a mouth-watering combination of taste in every bite.

For Shelina life has been a rollercoaster ride since winning MasterChef back in 2012 and she says ‘After Masterchef I was cooking live on television, touring the country for book signings and food festivals plus flying to Mauritius!  I stopped paying attention to what and how much I was eating so I knew I had to get a healthy balance back into my life, so this book is about having my cake and eating it!’ By following The Sunshine Diet Shelina herself managed to go from a size 18 to a size 14 in only ten months and has lost an incredible 45lbs

Healthy Food not Diet Food

This book isn’t any ordinary diet book and Shelina took a different approach to the Sunshine Diet, her motto is good health is about having fun, eating well and living well, most importantly it’s the enjoyment of preparing, cooking and serving healthy and delicious food for you, your friends and family that won’t leave you feeling guilty.

The Sunshine Diet will be published on the 1st Jan 2015

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Sunshine on a plate

Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures and Shelina's food reflects that, encompassing Creole, French, Indian, African, British and Chinese influences. From Gajaks, street food such as chilli cakes and daal puri (flatbreads with split peas), to vegetarian chickpea and sweet potato curry and black lentil fricassée, there is an emphasis on freshness and subtle spicing. The island's French heritage can be seen in classic Mauritian dishes such as Lamb 'La Daube', aubergine toufé and king prawn rougaille. Many of the curries, pulses and rice dishes are vegetarian and gluten-free. Plus, from the 'Mango Queen', there are enticing desserts including mango creme brulée and spiced tea rum baba.

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