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Poudine Vermicelle

‚ÄčThis used to be my after school snack that mum used to make for us before being sent to our rooms to do our homework! In Mauritius this is eaten for breakfast or as an afternoon treat with a hot cup of vanilla tea. I’ve made this recipe dairy free by taking out the butter and milk traditionally used and added more flavours and nuts that I think make this taste even more special. 


250g vermicelli
X2 tins coconut milk (400ml each)
50g dessicated coconut
30g chopped almonds
1 vanilla pod scraped
180g unrefined caster sugar
1tsp rose water
Lemon peel of half a lemon
To decorate extra chopped almond and rose petals
200-400ml extra water if needed


‚Äčin a large skillet over a medium heat add the vermicelli and allow to toast until golden brown, add the dessicated coconut and almonds and toast just to release the oils. Add the coconut milk, sugar, lemon peel and vanilla and cook for about 10/15minutes, if the pan gets too dry use between 2-300ml of water to help loosen the mixture. Add the rose water and remove from the heat. Place in a cake tin or flan dish and allow to cool before placing into the fridge to set. Once cooled slice into triangles and serve. This can stay in the fridge for up to 3 days. 

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