Sweets and Treats

Coconut Basboosa with Cinnamon and Rose

​A simple and beautiful cake, sweet and fragrant and keeps fresh for at least 5 days due to the syrup that keeps the cake moist. A little goes a long way ! 

Steamed rice flour cakes (puto) with papaya compote

Here is a family recipe of steamed rice flour cakes with papaya compote that brings a shaft of tropical sunshine and aromatic sweetness to British tea time.

Griddled Pineapple with Mango and Lime

This lovely dessert is quick and easy to prepare and the perfect guilt-free treat. The deliciously healthy chargrilled pineapple pieces are beautifully juicy and for an added indulgence try serving with a low fat crème fraiche

Yoghurt Pancakes with Blueberries

These pancakes are thick and delicious. They taste like pancakes but have the thickness of a crumpet. Perfect for a homemade brunch. These are amazing, I mean seriously amazing, so if you’ve never made pancakes with yoghurt before you have to try these. They are thick and delicious and taste like pancakes but have the thickness of, say, a crumpet. These pancakes are also simple to make and are very moreish and satisfying, so do try them for yourself.

La Mousse Mauricien 50th Anniversary Special Recipe

​In honour of our beautiful island celebrating its 50th year of Indepence I made these pretty la mousse in the colours of our flag.  
V Vg Df Gf

Gato Carre Rouge (Gato Francis)

​This is seen across pastry vendors across the country - a bring red cube covered in coconut and topped with a dollop of whipped cream. It must be seen as the Mauritian Lamington as it is so similar to the Australian version which is usually coated in chocolate. It has a distinct texture which is created once the cake has been soaked and covered in coconut. Mauritians love their afternoon tea and I’ve made this recipe as simple as possible to achieve. 

Poudine Vermicelle

​This used to be my after school snack that mum used to make for us before being sent to our rooms to do our homework! In Mauritius this is eaten for breakfast or as an afternoon treat with a hot cup of vanilla tea. I’ve made this recipe dairy free by taking out the butter and milk traditionally used and added more flavours and nuts that I think make this taste even more special. 
V Df

Chocolate & Strawberry Whoopie Pies

​The perfect weekend bake requires only 1 bowl and minimal effort! Once you’ve mastered this recipe you can create different flavour combinationand you like, pistachio & rose is so good too! enjoy x

Sticky Apple & Ginger Pudding

​This sticky apple and ginger pudding is the perfect alternative to the classic sticky toffee pudding with sharp apple tones with molasses running through it with a perfect combination of warm spicy ginger. It must be served with cream or custard no short cuts here ! 

Coconut & Lime Tart

​A simple tart to make with a shortcut of pre bought pastry making it super quick with a wow factor.  Beautiful crisp lime against mellow coconut make this the perfect flavour pairing, great for afternoon tea or dinner party dessert. 

Mauritian Coconut Flan

​A creamy and decadent flan filed with the tropical scent of coconut topped with a molasses caramel.  This flan is a traditional dessert in Mauritius usually served after a meal but the coconut twist adds an extra dimension to a delicious dessert option. 
V Gf

Pineapple & Cinnamon Upside Down Cake

​A sticky and moist upside down cake with a deep molasses flavour from the unrefined sugar, spice from the warmth of cinnamon and the beautiful tropical flavour of pineapple. Don’t worry about a container for this, as soon as it gets cut I guarantee they’ll be no cake left! 

Coconut Snow Cake

​This “snow” cake is the perfect alternative winters cake packed full of the tropical flavours of Mauritius with coconut and vanilla. Covered with fresh coconut and cream this cake is a real showstopper. 
V Gf

Shelina’s Simple Mango Tarts

​These beauties can be knocked up in record timing using a handful of ingredients. They deliver the wow factor as they glisten in all their mango glory. The perfect afternoon tea snack or dinner party dessert.  

Gateaux Patate

​Usually prepared at special occasions and prayers in Mauritius.  Made with sweet potato, coconut and lots of sugar! A little taste of paradise! 

Napolitaine (Extract from Sunshine on a Plate)

​These are the quintessential mauritian biscuit a mark left from our colonial history. The most buttery and short shortbread sandwiched together with perfect strawberry jam covered entirely with pink icing.  Perfect for afternoon tea. 

Banana, Walnut & Cardamon Muffins

​The perfect make ahead muffin that you can eat on the go. Make on Sunday to keep you going throughout the week & perfect way to use up those old fruit bowl bananas! 

Yoghurt, Lemon & Poppyseed Muffins

These summery little morsels are perfect if you don’t have much time but want to make an impression. An all in one batter cooked in 20minutes! Makes 14

Banana Lattice

​This is a great way to use up those bananas that are turning black in the fruit bowl. It’s an easy dessert that uses ready made pastry to turn ageing fruit into something very delicious. Recipe extracted from my first book ‘Sunshine on a Plate’

Banana, Walnut & Ginger Cake

At the end of the week I always end up with a umber of nearly off bananas! I decided to add some spice and turn it into something really delicious.

Poached pears with spiced cream

A stylish treat for a delicious dessert option

Lychee Panna Cotta with Passion Fruit Jelly

The sweetness of the lychees mixed with the tropical tartness of the pomegranate makes you dream of tropical islands…


Try baking these cinnamon and ginger spiced biscuits. Traditionally these are eaten at the Dutch festival “Sinterklaas” on 5th December.

Lime Posset

This recipe is very refreshing and zesty, it’s so easy to make and perfect for a dinner party as you can make it the day before.
V Gf

Chai Tiramisu with Vanilla & Pistachio

This dessert is perfect for celebrations and for special occasions. 

White Chocolate & Cardamom Cookies

This is a Mauritian inspired recipe. These cookies are deliciously sweet as they use Billington’s sugar.

Ginger Key Lime Pie

Sweet, sharp and aromatic, a delicious dessert to have after a heavily spiced meal 

Almond & Cinnamon Cake

This deliciously moist cake is gluten and lactose free!​
V Gf

Baked Ricotta Cake with Cherry & Star Anise Compote

​This delicious dessert is gluten-free!

Sticky Rice with Mango, Papaya and Lime

These sweet amuse-bouche are perfect in-between courses, or at the of end a Thai meal. This was completely inspired by my wonderful trip to Thailand.
V Vg Df Gf

Exotic Fruit Tartlets with Cardamon Creme Pattiserie

These beautiful tarts look like something from a French patisserie, but use cardamom and tropical fruit for an exotic twist. For this recipe, you’ll need 12 individual tart tins

Cinnamon Doughnuts

These take a bit of time but making your own doughnuts at home is do satisfying, serve warm with some ice cream on the side 

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